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Evaporative air cooler
1. Fill in the water tanks with very cold water
2. Plug it in

For more effective cooling, cool the water in the freezer. Fill a bottle with water
and let it cool in the freezer, but make sure that the water does not freeze.

IMPORTANT: Do not place the water tank in the refrigerator or freezer
it may crack or deteriorate.
To prevent water leakeage do not tilt the appliance take special care when moving or repositioning the appliance
since water may leak out if it is tilted or moved abruptly.

Instant cool air
Stay cool and save money!
Turns hot spaces into cool, refreshing places
you can create your personal comfort zone (zone cooling)
Portable and compact
water tank: 450ml, previous model had 900 ml
2 speed fan
Inmediate results
Perfect for: bedrooms, dining rooms, garges ,campings and more
AC adapter included . Output; 12v, 500 mA
This model does not work with batteriies
Adapter Input: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 5w
New powerful fan
New water filter